BeanGo Cube

Leisure roasting moment




Coffee Roaster
Luxury and Intelligent




Coffee Roaster
Fully automatic roasting




Coffee Roaster

BeanGo Cube

Ultra clean purifier can purify smoke and odd smell
Build-in coffee bean cooling tray

One button

auto roast

Fully manual roast

by smartphones

Build-in camera can auto-detect coffee bean’s roast level
Build-in microphone can auto-detect coffee bean’s crack sound
Unique drum blade can stir coffee bean evenly
Removable drum is easy to clean and wash
Exclusive App Control

Professional model, with a camera and a microphone inside.

Luxury model, with a microphone inside.


W 297 x H 440 x D 450 mm

W 11.7 x H 17.3 x D 17.7 inch

Net Weight

About 20kg.

About 44lbs.

Batch Capacity

Min. 100g – Max. 450g.

Min. 1/4lbs – Max. 1lb.

Heating Source Medium wave IR lamp.
Power Source AC 100 V / 220 V ( 50 Hz / 60 Hz )
Power Consumption Max. 1,200W.
Automatic Roasting Automatic preheat, bean loading, roasting, and cooling.
Manual Control Heat, air, and drum rotation.
Crack Sound Detection Built-in microphone.
Roast Degree Detection Built-in camera with LED Illumination (in professional model).
Certifications In progress.
Warranty 1 Years warranty for electronic parts and non- human factors defects.
Q1: What is the difference between the professional model and the luxury model? In the professional model, there is a camera to monitor the color of the coffee bean, but there is no camera in the luxury model.
Q2: Can my smartphone connect to internet while roasting coffee? If you connect the BeanGo Cube to a Wi-Fi router with internet connection first, your smartphone can still connect to the internet while coffee roasting.
Q3: How do I start a multiple repeating auto roast with the professional model? Replace the camera module with the repeat roast module. Then you can use the repeat function in automatic roast.